Saturday, December 3, 2011

*~In the Schoko Wonderland ~*

Today, in the middle of working I got that sudden urge of eating Schokocrossies… really yummy chocolate crisp treat that they sell in Germany and probably the rest of the EU! So, as I was drooling thinking about them I remembered an easy receipt that my mom showed me once.

You only need 3 different ingredients:

200g (2 Bars) of Milk chocolate

100g (1 Bar) of Dark chocolate

Plain Cornflakes

First you want to break the Milk- and Dark chocolate in pieces and put it all together into a Pot. Then you put that Pot with the chocolate into a bigger Pot with hot water until the chocolate melts. Mix you chocolate awesomeness evenly and when it’s completely melted and mixed, take it out of the water Pot, add the cornflakes and mix it so that every cornflake is covered with chocolate. Place tea spoon amounts of the mixture onto a backing sheet covered with parchment paper and put it all in the fridge to cool off.

Take it out after half hour and enjoy J

1 comment:

  1. That looks so delicious! I don't have cornflakes, but I think I will try it with Chex. Thanks for sharing.


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