Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Ponybrown in ponybrown

Recently I was surfing my favorite sites and found an interesting post on Lacosta’s blog. She had a new giveaway – it was her 3rd already – and this time the prize was an A—gen—da??
So growing up in Germany I really never heard of that word and I was curious what that so called Agenda was, turns out that it is basically a cute time planner or homework book. As I read the post and saw those pictures I was immediately hooked on those cute little guys – since I am, like almost every German a total paperwork and organizer freak.
So I never had entered a giveaway like that and wasn’t sure if I should enter, but after a few minutes of hesitation I decided to give it a try since I just could not stop dreaming and drooling about it. What’s to lose anyway, right?
She had 4 different kinds of Agendas to give away.
1 Alice Diary
2 Ponybrown (Pink and Blue)
1 ChooChoo Planner (Jetoy) –for all of you crazy cat Ladies out there
First I wanted the Alice Diary but after looking closely at the pictures I eventually choose to go for the Ponybrown one in blue. After I entered the giveaway, days started to go by so slow and I was constantly annoying my husband with, What if I don’t win’s, OMG I hope I am going to win’s and I wonder who is going to win’s.
Unfortunately luck wasn’t on my side and I didn’t win, but after pounding for hours my husband finally asked me if he could buy it for me. Of course I didn’t say no to that!! What am I crazy? I started looking for it immediately and found it on ebay --it was pretty expensive (24$) OoO. I was kind of surprised that Lacosta gave away like 4 of them. She must have spent a fortune…
Since I was able to choose myself I ordered it in a nice brown--Ponybrown. After another month of painful waiting the Agenda finally arrived in the mail and here is what I got:

The box it came in, I couldn’t believe how cute and neat everything looked.

This is the actually book, it comes with a plastic cover so that you can keep it as nice as possible for as long as possible :P

It also came with a lot of stickers to decorate and organize it. The stickers are really adorable.

Did I mention that you can start this Agenda at anytime of the Year? That was another reason that made me fall in love with this Planner so much. It’s perfect , because I will start college in May and that’s when I want to start to use it. The only problem is that you will have to write the dates in the book yourself, but I already found the perfect Gadget for that. I will be writing about it once it arrives in the mail and I got to try it out.
I absolutely love it. When I opened the little box it came in, I got slapped in the face by its awesomeness. Do you catch yourself sometimes sniffing new books? I can’t really describe the feeling I get but it is really good. Just the weird faces of people standing around me, watching me grooving on my precious book kind of ruined my whole moment *sniff* The Ponybrown Agenda has so many cute details on all 192 pages and a lot of space to write every single one of your thoughts down.
Anyway, I already started to decorate it with the Stickers it came with, but I am far from done. I recently ordered some more Items that will help me Lara-ify my first Agenda and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.
See you around,

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  1. hi Lara, sometimes even little things can mean so much if we get ot for free- who doesnt like gifts. glad u got what u wanted :) my morning blog walk


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